New Year’s Resolutions Every Driver Should Consider Making

Here are some great ideas for new year’s resolutions for your car

For car owners, New Year’s is the perfect time to establish better car-care habits. Here are some auto maintenance goals to consider cultivating in 2019.

Stay on top of check-ups

When nothing major seems to be wrong, it’s easy to forget to inspect your car regularly. This year, resolve to schedule maintenance appointments regularly, to make sure your vehicle stays in tip-top shape.


Keep it clean

 Let’s face it, driving a clean car just feels better. Keeping your car clean inside and out is a great way to protect its value and prevent the accumulation of salt and other corrosive elements that can cause rust damage. Regular car washes are an easy way to help preserve your vehicle’s condition.


Rotate tires

 Most drivers know to regularly change their car’s oil and keep an eye on tire pressure. However, many forget to routinely rotate their car’s tires. Doing so ensures that the tires wear evenly, thus improving the overall health and stability of the vehicle. This year, resolve to rotate your car’s tires every time you get an oil change.


Contact us at Sanborn Chevrolet to schedule a maintenance appointment. We can also share some more strategies for keeping your vehicle functioning smoothly in the new year.

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